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Welcome to Maximized Wellness

Holistic Wellness Care From an Edina Chiropractor

At Maximized Wellness we work to find the fastest and most direct way to address your pain and performance issues. We look to the root cause of dysfunction within the body, even to
the level which contributes to joint dysfunction commonly treated by traditional

By getting to the underlying causes of your pain, we can efficiently and fully resolve
issues. Likewise, by keeping a healthy body in optimal operational status, athletes,
creative performers, and busy achievers can attain a higher level of mastery in their
daily lives and disciplines.

Non-traditional Chiropractic Care For You

We provide non-traditional chiropractic care, without manual adjustments
or X-rays, along with other holistic therapies including nutritional and
emotional or stress therapy in order to help you move toward and
maintain wellness. Decades of experience and higher education
enable Dr. Flickstein to offer you comprehensive care, which
supports the whole “you.”

Take charge of your wellness today. Maximize it.
Call Chiropractor for Edina at (952) 925-2225 to get started.

Maximized Wellness | Edina Chiropractor
Dedicated to serving clients from Edina,
Richfield and Eden Prairie areas.